MLS stands for Multiple Listing Service.

The MLS is a listing of all properties for sale by all Realtors® who are members of the MLS service. In the case of the WCBOR MLS, most Realtors® in the county and many outside the county belong to the MLS, so there are hundreds, and sometimes thousands, of properties listed.

Exposure is a very important component for a seller. The more people who see your property, the more likely you are to find a buyer who will pay the best price. It is important to have your listing in a MLS because it allows most local Realtors® to see that your property is for sale. That way, more people may look at your property and you have the greatest possibility of finding a buyer who is willing to give you a fair price for your property.

If your Realtors® is a member of our Board, they are required to place all listings in the MLS within 24-48 hours after they list. If you work with a Realtors® who is not a member of the WCBOR, ask them if they are a member of the MLS service. If they are not, you may not get the opportunity for other Realtors® to be aware of, and show, your property, and you may miss out on a potential buyer.

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